Umason’s Auto Compo Pvt. Ltd. is a unit dedicated to production of tubular components for automobiles. We house extensive manufacturing prowess owing to specialised and automated processes. Innovation , efficiency and effectivity are ingrained in our system.

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Processes at UACPL are developed with a keen technical and procedural sense. The company undertakes everything from visualising the part through the drawing to realising the whole mechanism in assembly. We assiduously follow our own standards, and create products of global quality.

Visualising leads to clarity, which is a defining factor in manufacturing. Modern tools like CAD and Solid Edge give us the necessary lead before the actual process starts.


With several Robotic cells and CNC tube bending machines, each with a capacity of 800 parts per shift, tubular fabrication is our strength. The operations are robust and consistent due to the use of latest technology.


Use of PLC controlled Nickel-Chrome Plating Plant and Pre Treatment for Powder Coating contributes Umasons with huge production capacity.


We are very firm about the quality of our processes and the product. To get the desired output we periodically check the intermittent output of processes. To be able to do this we have a well set welding penetration lab, salt spray testing equipment and oven and quenching test.



Set up logically and operated meticulously, the assembly lines produces 2400 assemblies per day. The system is characterised with features like gravity conveyor, photo-sensors, interlocking and Poka-yoke.


Process Videos

Not only are our processes perfected with engineering finesse, they are a visual treat for someone with a penchant for technology. The automation, accuracy and scale of the processes are captured in some of the videos below.

Robotic Welding




Surface Treatment




UACPL Design Lab2


Product Gallery