Shri jay-380

Cotton Picker

Umasons  Auto Compo Pvt. Ltd has come up with a new product called  ‘SHRIJAY 380’ to reduce the effort required by the farmers to pick cotton. It is a battery operated cotton picking machine designed by our engineers .  In a lot of developing countries like India, China  and Africa, Cotton is picked by hand and is a very tedious and time consuming activity. “Shrijay 380” will ease this process and help farmers as it will reduce the time and effort required for picking cotton. It will also be cost efficient as it will help reduce labor cost.

This had held machine is very light weight and it’s handy design makes it easy to use. The cotton picking capacity will be 60 – 80 kg’s approximately in 6 hours time .The machine comes with a bag in which the cotton gets accumulated. This machine is suitable for various varieties of cotton.  It has been manufactured in India and comes with a warranty of one year.

Features of the product:

  • Hand-held battery operated machine
  • Weighs 1100 grams approximately
  • Picking capacity of 60 – 80 Kg per day
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Battery Power : 12 V
  • Comes with a battery charger 


Photo Gallery


  • 1 Shrijay-380 cotton picker1 Shrijay-380 cotton picker
  • 2 Stick to support the plant while picking2 Stick to support the plant while picking
  • 3 One bag to collect cotton3 One bag to collect cotton
  • 4 Battery4 Battery
  • 5 Battery charger5 Battery charger
  • 6 Bag for the battery6 Bag for the battery


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